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May 2008


Outdoor advertisement created by Cheil, Canada for Samsung, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Creative Agency: Cheil Worldwide, Toronto, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Tom McManus
Associate Creative Directors: Derek Neal
Art Director: Derek Neal
Writer: Noreen McDermott-Santilli
Jr. Art Director: James Tuer
Senior Account Manager: Angela Fitzpatrick
Sr. Broadcast Producer: Tessa Waisglass
Account Coordinator: Justyna Leitgeber
Director: Chris Christodoulou
Production Company: Saddington & Baynes, London
Director of Photography: Will Powell
Lead Technical Director: Kevin Shepherd
CG: Kevin Shepherd, Mark Longworth
Retoucher: Christopher Peabody
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Banner2k5's picture

it took me a while to like these, needed to flick right thru the campaign and have a good look. BUt iv gotta say I think these are ace.

good work.

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Copywriter at University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK |

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ET phone home!

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Creative Director
RM's picture

ha ha ha gold!

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They have conveniently listed the credits so we know who to never ever hire to make ads.

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Guys! I think we are on wrong trip. if we can compare this all with its origin and purpose along with sponsorship type than I will not call this camp. too bad, but agree its not too good to. idea itself is good but there is some problem with execution. and about credits...everybody who had some share had right to be listed there and if they are doing some rightfull than we should not crease it too much.

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The iDEA Company |

Tariq Aziz

volumen's picture

good ad for Nokia main communication symbol

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m í t i c o's picture

...y dale con las formulitas...

De nada sirve una Gran idea sin una Gran ejecución.

m í t i c o
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Is 70's/80's bad advertising fashionable again? This is atrocious!!!

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my god look at those credits!

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