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October 2009

Using special reflective inks illuminated by street and car headlights Republik Auckland illustrated that where there's one roach, there will be others lurking somewhere in the darkness.

Outdoor advertisment created by Republik, New Zealand for Rentokil, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: Republik, Auckland, New Zealand
Creative Director: Andrew Sims
Art Director: Greg Wylie
Copywriter: Duncan Blair
Account managers: Macka & Tobba

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jackmancer2017's picture

That's great ;p

Guest's picture

That's fun advertising for advertisers.

Ask people to watch it once at daylight (ok they go to work), to watch it again at night (ok they go back home), to notice the difference (ok they remembered the first time), to see the brand (ok trafic jam), to remember it when they go to the store (ok they have good memories), and we are talking about consumers who have such problems (ok they do)

too many oks for me

creativelly fan
business(ly) not

federo's picture
Activity Score 781

is interesting but:

if you are driving you cannot see it because it lays opposite to driving direction
you need a couple of hours to appreciate it

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Activity Score 1608

This billboard is just down the road from me and it was sweet!
Cars drive both ways and there's an intersection with traffic lights right there, as you can see...
That spot certainly gets attention!

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although I agree with Federo "if you are driving you cannot see it because it lays opposite to driving direction" I do think its a great add!
well done.

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No. i think is perfectly visible.

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Sydney based jake
Activity Score 115

Good use of the elements. Nice

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done before with very same copy and much better art directing... (I don't remember if it is the same company or not.)

there were just one bug and when you look closely, you could notice lots of them hidden around...

back to the ad.. you can't just wait until it gets dark to notice the idea. it seems to be good but it's not effective.

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Activity Score 85

good work

Guest's picture

creative but not so clever... people will not "see the idea".

old monk's picture
old monk
Activity Score 23

bugs comes at night. so i think the idea work. dont wory about directions buddys.

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Nice idea...

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Activity Score 12

Nice idea! Like it

Daelif's picture
Activity Score 12

Nice idea! Like it

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Activity Score 12

Nice idea! Like it

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I like it. Advertising's not just about the immediate selling point, it's also about initiating conversation. This is the type of thing people will tell their friends about, tweet, status update and spread. We're in different times people.

Tweet tweet: @ThisAbility

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Juan Cabral
Activity Score 709

Above average and it doesn´t look scam...

Advertiser who won 10 or more lions in the last 10 years.
And I am not the real Juan Cabral, guys. So sorry for that!

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well done.

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Tommy G.
Activity Score 897

The copy already explained it. Don't need to say it again.

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Miss Underestimate
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Nice :)

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Its a pity some people don't want to use their brains, they need to be told what is happening on the adverts they see around.'s picture
Activity Score 25

really nice