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A.G. Pennypacker
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I like the idea but I'm not crazy about seeing the ropes. With a little more thought I'm sure that could have been avoided so that the Sale sign would appear to be floating in the sky (like it does in the thumbnail view). Perhaps some really strong fishing line would do the trick.

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Do U know Photoshop?

Me is vipin

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But it's a good concept and mockup. Now why don't you sell it to a client?

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man thurd
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Fake like Tony Trung

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Prakash Jayasha...
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roi zhang
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step 1 step 2
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Scam from a scam agency

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bi bing kah
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You are referring to Mon Calibara?

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super calibara
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This is definitely mediocre.

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Billboard Guy

Its not a photo, its photoshopped. Billboards have a skeletal structure that wont allow for an open view like that.
You can tell by noticing there is no upper frame for the backside, its there on the bottom right.

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Guest commenter

Like it.

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