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January 2009

Outdoor advertisment created by Kitchen, Norway for Oslo Krisesenter, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Many women are the victims of hidden domestic violence. One in six women are maltreated by their closest relatives. Help us in our work to help women that are the victims of domestic violence. Oslo Krisesenter, bank account 5057 0507 246.

Advertising Agency: Kitchen, Oslo, Norway
Art Director: Ole Henrik Stubberud
Copywriter: Heidi Mittun-Kjos
Illustrator: David Johannessen
Other additional credits: Håkon Stensholt

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Though it's nicely designed and interesting, it's been done-last year.
That great cockaroach print campaign that won gold at Cannes and everywhere else.
Same exact idea. At first it looks like a pattern but upon closer examination it's not.
The cockaroach one was much better. Boo theft.

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Roshan Quintus
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bite me
I think the idea is not a pattern changing into something else.
in this they have taken a wallpaper ( u can c the wall as well)if u link 'nice wall paper / wall' with domestic violence and also if you are sencitive enough this idea is strong.

bite me

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I love "Agency Staffer Looking Really Interested in Outdoor Idea" shots.

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Hahaha. My dream is to one day be one of those "Interested Passer-By" plants.

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I would be much more interested in her than the ad itself.

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This is one classy idea. And I also disagree with Guest - you're missing the point. In this case it's not an ad about "a pattern but upon closer examination it's not", it's actually a well delivered message (domestic violence is not something you can see, that't why it's domestic; but if you look more closely, as if trying to go through the walls, you will find out it exists and there is a way to help etc.)... Not at all bad! Bravo. Scandinavians are obviously relying on a more sophisticated audience than the rest of us :)

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I think it is relevant! It is different from the cockaroach print too, merging words in wallpaper. I like the way it hides their message in the pattern.

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Nobody will read this.

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It's a clever idea, but was it too easily looked over?

The typography is neat.

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London Dog
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Its a bus stop aint it? In that case people tend to wait there for quite a while...Enough time to check out the poster well

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I think it's too easily overlooked as with many ads in this style. It seems like most people would have trouble reading it.