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June 2008

Outdoor advertisment created by TBWA, France for McDonald's, within the category: Food.

McDonald's recycles 6,200 tons of paper per year.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Paris, France
Executive Creative Director / Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Copywriter: Daniel Perez
Art Director: Mohamed Bareche
Account Supervisor: Delphine Malvy

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Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
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"McDonald's recycles 6,200 tons of paper per year."
Are these ads their way of balancing that out?

"stay low, move fast"

Doin' it for the points

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Neil Levy's picture
Neil Levy
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i think this is a good idea. it's simple. a little self serving toward mcdonald's in that i'm still not certain what they do with my trash once i leave (do they fish it out of the bin and recycle it?) but still good.

jmscarane's picture
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I love how anyone can claim to be "green" now.

TexasH's picture
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Cool stuff. It remids me radios from Belgium. Using old spots to claim that they don't spend money in advertising instead of good deals. Funny as well.

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Very good!

amburel's picture
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Sure, their statistic sounds good, until you do the math. The average person creates one pound of paper trash per day. Therefore in one year, McDonalds recycles the amount of paper trash that just under 34,000 people create. Sure, that's a lot - but it's only equal to 2.2% of the number of people employed by them.

karinova's picture
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Dumb, because the ad doesn't make much sense on its own, and it doesn't make it's point quickly enough or unmistakably enough.
I'm pretty darned smart, but it didn't even occur to me what they were on about until I read the comments. I was struggling to figure out what the retro look, the random scene and the stupid pun had to do with the message (recycling) because

1) the ridiculously pristine newness of this huge PAPER sign undermines their joke even before you've consciously processed it, and

2) the placement of the kraft paper "label" totally makes hash of the original ad's clean, minimal and well-balanced layout. (Oh, how that hurts.) The new billboard seems to consist of 4 totally unrelated elements floating without purpose on a white ground: dumb pun, stoked girl with disembodied hand/burger, kraft paper label, distant McD's entrance.


Marcela Cáceres's picture
Marcela Cáceres
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Good idea.
Hate McDonalds... Yeah, I'm with you jmscarane, now everyone can claim to be green?...