Asian weeks

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August 2008

Outdoor advertisment created by DDB, Finland for McDonald's, within the category: Food.

Asian Weeks till 24th August.

Advertising Agency: DDB Helsinki, Finland
Art Director: Jukka Mannio
Copywriter: Vesa Tujunen
Photographer: Mikko Harma / Kustom
Other additional credits: Mika Wist

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Creative use of media, but this is an insulting rash generalization.

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holy shit that is offensive.

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would You please explain why?

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Would you please explain how they crimp the corners if the poster is behind the glass? And who does that?
Sorry, I don't get it...

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Do you see the fat lady in the back? She did it!!!

Nah, it's just a reference of the use of the media, to explain that it will be crimped, it's not that every day it crimps itself.

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let's better assume that You're ironic.

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i guess the pictures are just the 'making of' to explain the idea. and this is a one-poster-idea - you will never get the poster guys to fold every poster that way. and for a one-poster idea this is rather weak for me, sorry

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there was quite many of these posters all over Helsinki, executed like this. so not just one...

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i like it. not offensive, really, more winky.

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why offensive?

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because its a stereotype.

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Love the idea, great simple idea ...well done guys.

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is it really that offensive?
it's like saying mexicans use big hats. of course we don't, but it's not offensive if someone uses that stereotype to talk about mexicans.
new use of media, although there's not a big idea behind it.

Think it for a while.
Then, in anytime, it will come to your mind as an idea.

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I totally agree with you.
Political correctness nowdays is out of control. The mere mention of someone elses nationality or cultural practice and you're branded a racist. Stereotypes do exist but shhh, we musn't mention them even if we are one.

Women may shop more than men,
Scottsmen sometimes wear kilts,
some Asian people wear pointy hats
and dogs do chase cats.

This idea is ok but by no means offensive or derogatory.
I am from Australia and if I saw an ad with a bloke wearing a cork string hat, teasing a crocodile while drinking a xxxx, I would think it's a naive representation not a racist one.

I'll probably cop shit for this comment.

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ignorant and small-brained!

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WTF is that?
Vietnamese or Japanese?

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It's an OK idea, but please, tell me how is it possible for the lady in the background to stand motionless for all three frames?

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she's talking on the phone

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its da same pic...

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Vietnam alone don't represent Asia, unless you are talking about Vietnam spring rolls burger..

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I like the use of the media to make it a part of the ad. It's not a brilliant idea or groundbreaking, but it's effective and much better than most McDonalds work I've seen. I have a feeling they're a tough client to try to be innovative with.

I find the comments about it being offensive perplexing. Are you actually offended or is this an offense by proxy? I suspect they're being offended vicariously for someone, somewhere who might find it offensive.

- The only thing rarer than a good ad is a good guest comment -

- The only thing more rare than a good ad is a good guest comment -

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Good idea to use media creative. The placement should be in 3 step of gradience...

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hahaha. c'mon guys. lighten up. this is pretty witty.
i'm all ASIAN (chinese malaysian) and in no way i find this offensive.

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yeh right,like we still wear these hats, the first thing that come to your mind is asian ..? no way ..

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dude who sits around just waiting 2 do somthin like that?its ttly bogis

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Genius or Corny. I say corny. It failed to get there.

That's it.

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Alabi Oluwaseun
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