February 2013

Street-visible placements, including bus shelters (posters and wraps), bus window clings, bus tails, transit car interior doors, transit car cards, and transit car “Michaelangelos” (ceiling clings), are intended as an alternative to aggressive ticketing to reduce Philadelphia pedestrian and cyclist fatalities, now averaging one every 13 days.

Advertising Agency: LevLane, Philadelphia, U.S.A.

Outdoor advertisment created by LevLane, United States for Mayor's Office of Transportation, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

It’s called a sidewalk not a sideride.
It’s road safety. Not rocket science.

Creative Director: Deb Racano
Art Directors / Illustrators: R.J. Cassi, Chris Shea
Art Director: Chris Shea
Copywriter: Evan Monsky
Chief Creative Officer: Bruce Lev
Assistant Creative Director: Crystal Irvin

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kleenex's picture
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Some ads works, and other ones are failures.

Andrej Troha's picture
Andrej Troha
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It's advertising, not rocket science... but still this happens.

someguy's picture
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Sounding like a jerk probably isn't the best strategy.

bakamono's picture
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Have to agree these ads felt very angry.

because therefore it is

Nike Diesel's picture
Nike Diesel
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I feel the strategy is spot on and I really like the line, "It’s road safety. Not rocket science." I like that it refers to the readers/drivers "intellect" :)
That said, I also kinda agree with @kleenex