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June 2007

Outdoor advertisment created by Bailey Lauerman, United States for LES, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

We asked the theatre to turn off this sign.
They complied to help us make this point – everyone can save money by turning off lights they don't absolutely need.
P.S. Did you leave any lights on at home?
Use LES to save more.

Advertising Agency: Bailey Lauerman, Lincoln, USA
Creative Director: Sean Faden
Art Director: Ryan Dillon
Copywriter: Jim Watson
Retouch: Gayle Adams

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Normally a movie poster is expected below the "Coming Soon" sign, not an environmental ad, especially when people are out to watch a movie.

They don't go to theaters to save the world (If they did, they wouldn't go to theaters in the first place). Yhey will plant trees in their courtyard and the neighborhood.

So if you are putting an ad where a movie poster should be, at least try to make it look interesting. No, the line is not soul-stirring either.

PS: Is this for people who didn't understand the poster? If everyone could write a PS at the bottom every ad, there would be no ads that "do not make the point". We will executive all our fucked up (9 times backspace) ideas, and write a PS on the bottom.

So sorry people, you might have saved a nose-full of energy, but you have disturbed thousands of minds in the creative departments across the globe, trying to come up with ideas. But, never mind most of the ads don't make sense nowadays.

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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R. Rinaldi
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agree wt Jaggy!

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just write
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I agree wit Jaggy... If PS is allowed to write at the end of every ad, then there are no ideas which don't make sense.. When u say you are creative u need find a way to deliver massage without writing PS.

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Sure, it's good to save energy, but maybe they should have saved paper when making this one.

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just write
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PS: "You think people will go back to their houses just to make sure the light are off, wen they out to enjoy... I don't think so...