Fearless Girl

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March 2017

International Women's Day: Fearless Girl

Outdoor advertisment created by McCann, United States for International Women's Day, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: McCann, New York, USA

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Solid idea and effort.

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Certainly a GP somewhere. ;)

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This ad is doing exactly what it set out to do in my opinion, it grabbed my attention, and got me interested in what it said. After the ad was over I went to their website and explored their purpose. At the beginning of this ad it grabbed my attention with a very strong fact that would grab almost anyone’s attention if they worked in business. “…Companies with women in leadership perform better than those without.” That bold statement made me think long and deep about what companies do have women leaders and how they’ve succeeded, like HP or eBay for example. The ad continues on to show the craft of the little girl and where she ends up being placed which really grabs my emotional attention. The girl being placed in front of the Wall St. bull makes it seem like the little girl is standing up to the bull and standing up to Wall St. Especially with that area being more men dominated and it’s history, putting the statue there really gets the point across to the public and I think people will be able to understand what it means just from looking at it as they walk by.

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This year's GP.

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