Big Love "Wall of Secrets"

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January 2009

Everyone has something to hide.

That’s the theme for the third season of Big Love on HBO. And it’s also the idea behind new interactive murals created to promote the show by BBDO-NY. These murals, launching in New York and Los Angeles the week of January 5th, feature snapshots of people walking through a city street. Headphone jacks are built into each person’s head, so that passersby can use their headphones (or those provided by street teams) to plug in and hear each person in the mural’s inner and most personal secrets. These secrets range from the innocuous (i.e., a woman who’s in love with her boss) to the dramatic (i.e., a woman who is hiding her drinking problem from her husband or a man who is planning to leave his pregnant wife for someone else).

In addition, when people plug into the headphone jack near the logo, they can hear a trailer made up from some of the most dramatic clips of the upcoming season, in which secrets abound amongst all the main characters.

Big Love’s season kicks off on January 18, 2009.

Outdoor advertisment created by BBDO, United States for HBO, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: BBDO New York< USA
Chief Creative Officers: David Lubars, Bill Bruce
Executive Creative Director: Greg Hahn
Creative Director: Mike Smith
Creative Director / Art Director: James Clunie
Creative Director / Copywriter: Pierre Lipton
Photographer: Brad Harris

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oh man this is good. i suck!

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Really good

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awesome! i wish i cold hear the secrets though...

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i think they're still up in new york, but i can't remember wherei saw them. maybe 34th street?

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This is great! I'd take a listen for sure. Especially if I just missed the subway and had a couple of minutes to kill.

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Interesting thought. No pun intended. Really.

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me likey

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this is so smart. an interactive installation that people actually interact with. good on ya BBDO...

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Crisp One
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this is smart.....good job.

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Really a great concept. Would think that the kinds of thoughts (funny, dramatic, sad) would reflect the type of show (as I've never actually seen it and the commercials don't really tell you about the nature of the dialogue). A+ for originality nonetheless.

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This is a very innovative idea and quite a effective way to create a connection between the public and the the show. This would naturally make the target emotionally invest and therefore be more likely to continue in doing so.


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Good Connection with puclic.

İyi Reklam, Kötü Reklam

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I saw this in New York and there wasn't a single person listening in.

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I saw it in LA and it was mobbed....

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I saw this on my way to work and it was ignored. on the way home same day (6:30-ish) it was packed....go figger

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this is great. I would definitely plug in. Definitely one of those 'damn' why didn't I think of that ideas.

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ok, so BBDO NY has a wide portfolio of outdoor solutions providers... but does anyone care about the secrets of strangers in a mural???
tell me those of famouse people or at least the ones sitting next to me in the bus at that specific time. anything else is boring and stupid.
i´m sure it was a disaster, but they have a nice making off to send to festivals

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outdoor solutions providers?.....!!!!!

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They're still up in Union Square I think...

Although I think it's a good way to promote it, when I saw these, only a few people were listening to it. They would be better suited in Subway cars because when people are in a station, they are trying to get to a train so they don't really have the time to stop, but in subway cars, people are waiting so are more likely to be enticed to pass the time.

Too many cooks in the kitchen....

Too many cooks in the kitchen....

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muyyyyyy bueno!!!!

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missed my turn
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How fun! What a great tie-in for the show!

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very nice

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too good...

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I've seen the headphone jack used in subway ads before, I think for Virgin.
But this is a good way to use it and definitely more interesting.
At least now people are being entertained while getting mugged in the subway.

Nice execution.

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mugged in the nyc subway? when's the last time you were in new york 1984?

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what an idea sirji

Me is vipin

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this is very smart. nice!
what they call this kind of media anyway? interactive outdoor or something??

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I worked on fabricating these and installing the MP3 players and jacks, pretty cool concept. Its nice to see they're getting some attention

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I worked on the fabrication of all of the ones installed in the subway station. Pretty cool idea. good to see its getting some attention.

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it's an amazing idea. i'm very jealous!

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expensive ad ...