Bleeding board

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September 2012

Outdoor advertisment created by Bozell, United States for FirstBank, within the category: Finance.

Advertising Agency: Bozell, USA
Creative Director: Jerry Stoner
Art Director: Ryan Dillon
Copywriter: Michael Johnson

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Roger Keynes
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Is AoTW the new strategic way to test the waters and/or pitch ideas to clients? ;)

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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Activity Score 1033

wow. Great work

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Perception of vision !!!!!!!!!!

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Activity Score 384

Am sorry..Is the bank bleeding someone or something to death...plz explain...


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The Huskers are Nebraska's football team, and it is common to show support for your team by saying "Bleeding Husker Red". The bank is showing their support with this board by literally bleeding Husker red. I hope this helps.

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Black Hour
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Thanks a lot

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I like it very much. Bleeding teasing effect. Nice :)

Black Hour's picture
Black Hour
Activity Score 368

My english isn't that great, is there a pun? Why blood?

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I'm not understanding.

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Activity Score 50200

I love what happens to the billboard.

What this billboard is for is the Nebraska Cornhusker NCAA football team.

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This has already been done with a Billboard for public awarness for speeding with bad weather conditions. IMO It's a real bad copy, as it doesnt fit for a bank.'s picture
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Husker fans (the intended target audience) get it. And love it. The bank is a major sponsor.