Randi Gandhi

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September 2012


Outdoor advertisement created by Muckmouth, New Zealand for Eshe Streetwear, within the category: Fashion.


Religion is garbage
Randi Gandhi

Advertising Agency: Muckmouth, Auckland, New Zealand
Creatives: Nobjockey, Tatsie, Strange G, Dabset
Illustrator: Kennedy Poynter
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Black Hour's picture

"Hey let's make something horrible to offend people so they talk about us!"

Worst ad of the month.

Black Hour
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true some low standard brands want easy publicity ... screw you bitch OO_OO

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Art Director at JAG Sols
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I don't think Ghandi should be used in this campaign.

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vaebhav8's picture

Okay, let me put it in a very precise manner. If I'll discriminate your close one in the same manner as they did, you'll get offended. Apart from money making, how can we even promote this campaign. Its such a baloney. for you its no one but for us, he is our father figure and if you have some decency, you should delete it.

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Amity University
ananta's picture

this one is very very controversial

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fake md's picture

As an atheist I find it offensive. I don't want any believer to push their opinion to me, so atheists should do the same.

fake md
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Copywriter at Istanbul
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Y Gandhi???? M***** *****R

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