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August 2010
De Lijn Outdoor Ad -  Garage doors


Every year De Lijn is looking for the right trigger to convince drivers to go to the city by bus instead of by car. This year they addressed drivers when it hurt most, while they were looking for that unfindable parking space.

Outdoor advertisement created by Duval Guillaume, Belgium for De Lijn, within the category: Transport.


Sorry, you can't park here. Next time take the bus.

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atb2005's picture

Aren't those private garages? Why would anyone wanna park in them? I am confused.

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jbuckingham's picture front of them, not in them!

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atb2005's picture

It still doesn't make sense! Who parks their car in front of someone else's garage?? And this comes from one of my favorite agencies.. Fail.

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jackmancer2017's picture

"NEXT TIME TAKE THE BUS" Couldn't you think of something more creative...

Anyway, it's all ok.

And they're private garages yes, but they asked the owners (apparently, all 6000).

spacemanghandi's picture

hm, I don't like cynism.

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I find it kind of funny that the text below the picture describes a problem. But you never answer on the problem in the "Result" part.

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Looking for galvanized garage doors????

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its for when people find no where to park, and the only free space is infront of a garage, that's when they get the msg, to take the bus next time , coz they're not allowed to park in this free space !!!

i think its a good campaign

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it was acceptable in the 90's.

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OMG this campaign is so effective if you expect a big "fuck you, morrons!" from target audience.

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the invention of using garage doors is amazing, but the message and idea are not so good.

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This shouldn't have been limited to garage doors - this could go on every sought after space in the city/suburb that isn't technically a parking zone

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