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June 2008

Outdoor advertisment created by Lowe, Switzerland for Burn, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Are you bad enough?

Advertising Agency: Draftfcb/Lowe Group, Zurich, Switzerland
Creative Director: Nicolas Vontobel
Art Directors: Sebastian Hugelshofer, Jean-Marc Grubenmann
Copywriter: Ivan Madeo
Photography: Roger Schneider
Art Buyer: Melanie J. Auerbach
Account Supervisors: Gabrielle Lommel, Stefan Naef

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Oooh wow I'm so bad to think of dock!!!

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I don't mind the idea of challenging people to go deface the billboard, but the line 'Are you bad enough' is kinda gay.

Id like to try something a lot more direct and challenging. (I don't know - 'gotitinya?!')

Michael Jackson was bad. In the 80s. No kids wanna be self-labeled 'bad.'

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Crisp One
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YEA apseudobeing ! Next time be a lil more P.C.

I'm pretty sure the official term is Heterosexually Challenged or Vaginaphobia

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Guest commenter

The term "kinda gay" is rather offensive. And I don't think they meant the Michael Jackson kind of "bad". I think it's more of a naughty bad, rather than a cool bad. IMHO. And stop saying things are "Gay" (unless you are describing a same sex couple).

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what the duck?

Its not kinda gay..but its damn gay...and its offensive because it is..thats how the world with it.

its not only the ad..but the product looks like lighter fluid to me

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Guest commenter

the comments sounds like some bad anti gay campaign...grow up boys...

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Crisp One
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get an account, then talk sh*t

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Guest commenter

fuck you, dickhead

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Enough with the insensitive gay comments. You insult many of your peers, and even more so, yourselves.

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Blair Semenoff
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Hey GUEST COMMENTATOR(s) do you need your Mommy's help to sign you up for an account?? mmmmmmm little boy