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August 2012
BC Hydro Outdoor Ad -  Motion Sensor


Insights, Strategy & the Idea: Power conservation is considered by many to be a bother and something that isn’t worth doing. In order to encourage British Columbians to adopt power saving behaviour, BC Hydro showed that they practice what they preach by creating an out of home campaign that actually conserved electricity.
This unusual strategy grabbed people’s attentions while at the same time showcasing how easy it can be to save power.

Creative Execution: BC Hydro reminded people how they could reduce their power consumption by doing it themselves. In this case they installed a motion sensor to a backlit transit shelter. The shelter only lit up when someone was present to view it. Their energy efficient out of home campaign saved over 100 Kwh of electricity.

Results: This execution was part of a multi-media campaign that is attributed with convincing 84,000 additional households across the province to do more to conserve electricity. Recent research has found that a record breaking 91% of British Columbians are now practicing energy conscious behaviour in their homes.

Outdoor advertisement created by DDB, Canada for BC Hydro, within the category: Industrial, Agriculture.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Directors: Dean Lee, Cosmo Campbell
Copywriter: Neil Shapiro
Art Director: Chris Moore
Producer: Courtney Smith
Account Manager: Terra Cochrane
Production Artist: Studio 17
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So, if the lights go off when no one is around - how is anyone going to know it?

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I guess its front-lit till the time someone passes in front of it.

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ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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if there is no one around, why should it be lighted. That is the idea. So it works perfectly but it has been done.

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