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July 2011

Poster Campaign to call for advertisers (brands) to advertise in the respective newspapers.

Outdoor advertisment created by Ochre, South Africa for Avusa Media, within the category: Media.

With the biggest stage and the largest audience, Avusa Media is where stars are made. We bring the unknown to stardom. Our newspaper titles deliver gripping news stories, which makes us the preferred news centre and puts the spotlight on every product advertised in our titles. To place your product in the starring role, speak to our strategic sales team. Brought to you by Avusa Media, the makers of the best daily and weekly newspapers in the country.

Advertising Agency: Ochre a|d, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: Rupert Allcock
Art Director: Jacquin Botha
Copywriter: Andrew Khumalo
Illustrators: Rafail Williams, Jacquin Botha
Typographer: Jacquin Botha
Production: Desmond Thirtle
DTP: David Anderson

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Activity Score 50610

interesting set of ads.

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Ron Burgundy
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I'm totally feeling this retro rock style lately

here's is a cool take on it too

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ivan.. please help Kisss find her own way out.

life is a playground

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I keep deleting her! :)

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Thank you!

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I'm not really into this kind of retro style.


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That's it.

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Ron Burgundy
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that explains why ive been seeing this shtuff everywhere...nevermind...

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Todd Turner
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This is an outdoor ad promoting advertising in the newspaper? Would make more sense in an actual newspaper, no? Could be a good idea for a outdoor company self-promo.