I have already died, Man

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June 2012

Outdoor advertisment created by Publicis, Netherlands for ALS, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

I have already died

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Executive Creative Directors: Marcel Hartog, Jeroen Van Zwam
Copywriter: Marcel Hartog
Art Director: Jeroen Van Zwam
Designer: Dave Fransen

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andylefty's picture
Activity Score 4535

Like it. Very surreal commenting on such an ad.

somecopywriter's picture
Activity Score 1113

Awesome stuff. Pulls at the heartstrings.

creativegodown's picture
Activity Score 252

you guys must be kidding. there's 0% creativity in it.

dean viii's picture
dean viii
Activity Score 1686

I agree. People always confuse a compelling cause with a compelling idea.

MindDrift's picture
Activity Score 1170

You can't deny that is has stopping power. I like the idea of dead people giving their testimonials.

CACAHD's picture
Activity Score 2188

what? cannes???

Han Zhonghua's picture
Han Zhonghua
Activity Score 70

WTF? Cannes? Im agree with dean, people confuse a compelling cause with a compelling idea.

"Just one Idea can change everything"

mercedes's picture
Activity Score 181

I can't agree with you more Han. This is lousy. WTF is happening at Cannes!

metis's picture
Activity Score 413

Really emotive, powerful and refined. Great to see it at Cannes.

danielchapman's picture
Activity Score 292

Its not obvious in the print, but this campaign photographed and video recorded these victims of ALS before they died, to run the campaign after they succumbed to the disease.

It's not about creativity, its about the ability to make people notice and respond... sometimes creativity is a tool to accomplish that, sometimes its simply putting reality out there in a way that people will see it. I think this accomplishes that, and qualifies unquestionably as a big idea that deserved recognition.


karruza's picture
Activity Score 288

the copy is just the only catch, after all, nothing, simply nothing.

Cactus Kid's picture
Cactus Kid
Activity Score 4

It looks like an anti smoking ad