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I thought it was a dating site. Not a get laid service. They should change the name to

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Yeah, or

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Jarne von Wolfsburg
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I don*t like any of theese hidden match-spots .... a joke is never good, if you had to explain it.

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The style kind of reminds me of the Coke T.V spots where the bottle goes on a big ride inside the coke machine and weird little happy characters prepare it for it's journey.
The humping animals, though entertaining, were unnecessary... and a bit creepy, the way they mixed species is creative and troubling.

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i don't like these because they took a really nice beautiful style and tried to get all 'edgy' and cheeky... it doesn't fit the style, wasn't funny, wasn't shocking. just fell flat.

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That stuff at the end was so unnecessary and not funny! liked the rest though

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WTF. I hate the end of the commercial. Is it real?