Our home, our treasured planet

August 2017

WWF: Our home, our treasured planet

Production Company: All Mighty Pictures
Director: Anthony Dickenson
Producer: Mark Harbour
DOP: Ben Fordesman
Editor / Editing House: Ruth Hegarty / The Assembly Rooms
Grade: Jack Mcginity / Time Based Arts
Music Company: String and Tins
Composers / Sound Design / VO Record / Final Mix: Will Cohen, Joe Wilkinson / String and Tins
Arranger: Simon Whiteside
VO: George Irving
Cinema Mix: Will Cohen / Goldcrest

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kleenex's picture
Activity Score 50582

not bad.

SaltyCD's picture
Activity Score 48

nice production value, too bad it won't make any diff. preaching about saving nature won't change minds. make/demonstrate how this will directly impact people's lives in a REAL way will.