A day in the life of Chennai

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August 2009

Film advertisment created by Goodmorning Films, India for The Times of India, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: Goodmorning Films
Producer: Vikram Kalra
Creative Director: Agnello Dias
Art Directors: Kiran, Anita Rajgopalan and Donald Reagan
Copywriter: Senthil Kumar
Photographer: Jason West

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Has the song been made specifically for this ad?

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is that Ron Jeremy?

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Wow that was incredible.

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A stranger abroad
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Wow. I am not Indian, so am not familiar with the references, but this is an impressive production and a very different way to advertise a newspaper.

The bit that made me smile was, after we had seen this truly EPIC 'rise and fall story, the super said 'A day in the life of Channai'. A day? Wow. Okay. I need this newspaper to keep up with things. Any newspaper that can keep all that straight is worth reading.

This is good work IMO. Well done.

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one of my all time favs! incredible!

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Tats was too gud senthil good copy ..all the best

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Muneer Bhatti
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good direction

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Brilliant music!

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Gopi Kannan
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Both the music score and the collage was authentically South Indian with a splendid touch of 'Tempo' to its theme to promote the spirit of the publication. Music inspired by a movie number that became a great hit in South India. - Smart idea...really!!!

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Abhilasha Thackur
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is this a very well painted picture of indian lacking... i guess its based too... where is the good picture of india... it does exist... then where... i believe if chennai has some weak does it flourish in many others... its sad when ads like these are promoted greatly...

Abhilasha Thackur