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November 2013


Publishers: Range Road Music, Inc., France Music Corp.

Film advertisement created by Dead As We Know It, United States for The Kraken, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Dead As We Know It, USA
Executive Creative Director: Mikal Reich
Creatives: Ella Wilson, Charmaine Choi, Kirsten Larson, Andrew Kay, Jesse Adelman
Senior Producer: Kirsten Larson
Animation / VFX & Design: Blur Studio
Director: Tim Miller
CG Supervisor: Jerome Denjean
FX Supervisor: Kirby Miller
Producer: Tiffany Webber
Executive Producer: Al Shier
Layout Supervisor: Franck Balson
Character Modeling Lead: Mathieu Aerni
Character Modeling: Alessandro Baldasseroni, Daniel Garcia, Chris Grim, Alex Litchinko, Jesse Sandifer
Rigging Supervisor: Jeremie Passerin
Rigging Development TD: Enoch Ihde
Rigging Lead: Jennifer Hendrich
Rigging: Steven Alley, Justin Callanan, Brent Wiley
Animation: Isaac Fernandez, Jason Hendricks, Bryan Hillestad, Nick Whitmire
Cloth Supervisor: Jon Jordan
Cloth Lead: Luis Lopez
Cloth: Justin Callanan, Don de Castro, Tyler Fox, Dyllan Lu, James Marcus, Lennon Montejo, Jace Timmer
Environment Modeling: Jinho Jang
Prop Modeling: Zack Cork, Colin James
Lighting and Compositing Lead: Colin James
Lighting and Compositing: Simon Blanc, Darren Butler, Peter Wildman
FX: Brian Alvarez, Matthew Benson, Wayne Hollingsworth, Matt James, Matt Radford, Brandon Riza, Brandon Young
Technical and QC: Jennifer Hendrich, Jon Jordan, Luis Lopez
Concept Design: Leopard Snow
Production Coordinator: Jessie King
Production Assistant: Amanda Powell
Tools and Scripts: Brendan Abel, Jeffrey Beeland, Mike Hendricks
Programming and Systems Administration: Jeremy Donahue, Paul Huang, Matt Newell, Duane Powell, Perry Randall
Post Finishing House: Artjail
Music Company: Yessian
Executive Producer: Mary Ellen O’Brien, Marlene Bartos
Music Track License: “Beyond the Sea”
Song Writers: Jack Lawrence, Charles Trenet, Albert Lasry
Performer: Bobby Darin
Label: Warner Music Group
Sound Design: Jafbox Sound
Designer: Joseph Fraioli
Audio Mix: Heard City
Mixer: Keith Reynaud
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this is beautiful son. you make me so proud. congrats

your mom
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Don't argue with your mom!

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nice ad.

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As a fanatic -- no, a bloody zealot of this rum, I couldn't hate anything about this if I tried. I'm interested to see where this brand goes.

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Diana Báez Castelán
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Very cool yet a bit ikky.. makes me wonder what the Rum tastes like.. Hence, great job!

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