September 2017

The Test - only you can do it


Background: In the county of Kronoberg, Sweden, the Health Department have noticed increasing numbers of chlamydia among the youth and young adults. One of the reasons being the stigma about testing; a physical meeting with a nurse and the embarrassment it may cause. The time factor is also a barrier; many find it circumstantial to set aside time to go to a health central – let alone for a test.

Task: Inform young citizens in the region about chlamydia and the fact that one can order a self-test online. You don’t even have to move away from the screen!

Solution: A regional Health Department is pretty far from being down with the kids… However, we knew that millennials put a lot of confidence in peer-2-peer communication. They trust their friends and are very responsive to information coming from their own networks. The solution was to create something that they would want to consume and share voluntarily.

Instead of using the county’s graphical profile, we went in the opposite direction, just offering simple entertainment – with a hook at the end. No morals. No pointers.

Film advertisment created by Länge Leve Kommunikation, Sweden for The Health Department of Kronoberg, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: Länge Leve Kommunikation, Malmö, Sweden
Art Director: Totte El Siddig
Copywriter: Henrik Backberg
Project Manager: Niklas Ekdahl
Narrator: Eric Gordon
Motion Graphics: David Sandell / Depiction Agency
Sound Design / Editing: Oskar Vallinder / Depiction Agency

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