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May 2009

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Film advertisement created by Doner, United States for The Coleman Company, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: Doner, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Strasberg
Creative Directors: Karen Cathel & Jimmy Kollin
Art Directors: Darrell Credeur & Jeremy Moy
Copywriters: Derek Clark & Alanna Kulas
Agency Producer: Jill Prost-Ray
Voiceover Talent: Sam Elliott
Music: Gomez
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The copy wants to be sentimental but it's just not. Otherwise the idea is there.... the execution...hmmm

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the last 5 seconds of VO sound either drunk or slowed down WAY too much. overall i give this a D-

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amazing. I love it

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I understand the relevance of the social networking angle, but I don't think it's a strong enough pull.

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I completely agree with your comment. The spot comes across a bit awkward (even somewhat forced) as a result. I don't hate it. I just wonder how effective it is with the core diehard outdoorsy target.

Jet Propulsion Lab
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I actually like it. I thought it was a clever way of putting the camp site as being the first social networking site considering that we live in a time of Facebooks and Twitters. The whole idea takes back the true essence of socializing.

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Ummm....pretty dumb.

Historic footage used for a company that has a 100 year plus history?
Wow! How did they ever come up with that. It's a spot most everyone would have come up with in their preliminary cconcepting and then moved on because they would quickly realize that the idea is trite.

Original social networking site? The line is decent and current, but the end result is very weak.
Your college professor gives you an A. Your creative directors should have given you an F.
I blame the Jimmy and Caryn for missing the mark. Pack up your things.

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Here's a comment from an old son of a camper, father to my camping kids and grandfather (Papa) to my up and coming "little happy campers" who's parents (my grown up kids) who grew up on camping vacations with me. It's o.k. to put old footage as you did (stirs the kid in me from the old days), but I think you shouldn't slather it on so thick. You've already sold the old campers but they've "peeked" on the buying market. Not many are going to continue buying Coleman products, 'cause they just hold on to their old tried and true stuff that lasts forever (or used to, anyway).

You should be catching the attention of the "new" consumers. Do quick, catchey segways to the "Nuevo" campers who don't have those 2-week vacations from yesteryear. Today's camping daddys and camping "Papas" can only put together a long week-end but they want to show their kids/grandkids how much fun camping and outdoor activities together can be. Show us ways to keep our families doing things together in today's hectic environment.

The attention span of kids, teens, young adults and young couples with children is very short because of the very thing you're trying to ride on... iphones, game toys and chat sites. You're wanting to network with at least two generations who have grown up being bombarded by snipets of commercials. The current "growing-up now" generation thrives on quick "soundbytes". I know by practical evidence and experience because ... on any given day, there's three generations of my family hanging around my home. We're still a nuclear family that likes to do things together but time and the "information super highway" is pulling us every which way.

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