Trash Can

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September 2009

Film advertisment created by Casanova Pendrill, United States for The California Lottery, within the category: Gaming.

Advertising Agency: Casanova Pendrill, California, USA
Executive Creative Director: Elias Weinstock
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Fernando Poblete
Art Directors: Alex Rodriguez, Fernanda Orrantia
Director: Clay Williams
Production Company: MJZ
Producer: Pilar Matallana
Editor: Jaime Valdueza from Lost Planet
Music: Emoto
Sound Design: Gonzalo Ugarteche from AZ

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Marlus Lau
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Very funny!

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Black man/culture = trash can???? What the fuck!

If advertising is about symbolism and metaphors to convey quick (often :30 second) ideas and messages these guys should really consider the implications and imagery used here. This is how racism and prejudice is spread and made common place.

I know there will be nay sayers, but imagine if that trash can looked like your mom.

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Risking being labeled as naive, I didn't really associate the trash can with a black man.
I'm not saying racism doesn't exist but your assumption is based on your own paranoia and prejudices. Other races also have plastic surgery, go to ball games, live a lavish lifestyle, rent limos, and wear ostentatious jewelry, etc.

Lighten up. That shit was straight up funny.

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well put frcxshw....was thinking the same thing...this person took it too far and revealed their own inner racist...and yes, hip hop is not just Black, and i have yet to meet any friend's mom who's green orange and a trash can.

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Hilarious sheeeet!!! Love it, love it all, I got it all!!!

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Love that trash can! Great music too!!!

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i only have problem with the bassline, apart from that, nice commercial.