Taking It Back

May 2007
Advertising Agency: CreativeOndemanD, Miami, USA
Art Director: Priscilla Cortizas
Prod Co.: Anonymous Content
Director: John Dolan
Executive Producer: Andy Traines
DP: Alwin Kuchler
Editor: Diego Enriquez
Music: Open Up the Light" dby Ben Ashley (Deep Mix)

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focus group
Activity Score 146

No CPB? What happened? Did they lose the account?

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Activity Score 1935

I heard that place is a sweatshop, it must work they make some cool ads.

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focus group
Activity Score 146

Thanks ivan! Really amazing what these guys do. I wonder how they convince clients to be that brave.

"Listen, guys! We have an idea about a gay German engineer, who destroys cars of other brands with the help of a supersexual assistant. Oh, and by the way, the director is going to be Jonas Akerlund, the guy who did that SPUN movie, where they cook and do drugs for about 90 minutes. And wait he also did a music video with the title "smack my bitch up"."


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Activity Score 313

This was done by their spanish agency.

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Activity Score 571

The worst TV spot I've seen here. And for such a great client...

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Activity Score 84

Oh my f*****g god! Could be a spot from Germany.

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Theres an interview with sally hogshead on talentzoo about how cpb decided they pretty much reached the apex of what they could do with vw and decided to let it go....

... its already been done...

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Activity Score 58

The other one is leaps and bounds better than this one. And even that one is just "okay." At least the message, "time to move on" is compelling?

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CreativeOndemanD is their agency for the hispanic market in the US.

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Activity Score 10

i'm glad to see a guy driving a beetle. i like the wind in his hair, the hands in his pockets, and the way he's so sensitive about walking away from his old car.
9 out of 10 car ads are the same old sh**. it's nice to see commercials with an idea behind them.

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I have a friend who used to drive a green pick-up truck he named "Dottie". It smelled of cigarrete and pot smoke, beer, and clandestine sex with strangers. When my friend dumped "Dottie" for a BMW we all mourned the end of an era. This spot captures that brilliantly. We all have that moment that we just have to move on. Really nice work.