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I saw this on TV. It's one of the most annoying and obnoxious commercials ever. Not surprising since Subway has been pumping out mediocre, grating commercials for a while, most notably the "5 dollar foot-long" campaign.

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it will work.
some might think that there's no creative twist, but i think, it was not necessary either. to keep it plain and simple was the challenge.


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Well, without a creative twist, what's it doing on AoTW?

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Please ! Sent only creative stuff !

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i believe this campaign doesn't need a tvc specially that they're not offering n e thing new.
prizes are regular and way-2-win (scratching n checking your luck) is super regular.

and personally, as a customer, i hate it when i see such ads that tell me you "could" be a winner
they need to change either prizes or chances to win by making everybody a winner for xample

and creative wise, this ad sucks, big time.

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