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amazing effects good work

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Alexandre Brito
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no idea, very poor

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Fantastic execution

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great execution but is really difficult for me to believe that when a musician drinks sprite finally feels the music... beside that, it's so strange seeing sprite wetting electronic devices!... the first thing i thought was... ey!! there's going to be a fire or the electronic devices will die...

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loved the execution and the music...

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bla bla - don't like

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Reality Check
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It does not feel good to say that a commercial with Drake makes the eyelids droop. But that's what this spot does.

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I liked it, but I love that song and Drake.. I guess that's who they were targetting

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Activity Score 440

I liked it, but I love that song and Drake.. I guess that's who they were targeting

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Activity Score 440

I liked it, but I love that song and Drake.. I guess that's who they were targeting

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Chori Arg
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nice effects, no idea. once again. america sucks!

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There's nothing here guys!

"Bright ideas bring better results"

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Marlus Lau
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Craaazy! Very good efefct and music!


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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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did that guy just exploded?

nice visual .


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you use the product and suddenly everything changes.
enough already.

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Talk about spend sh!t loads on a crap idea, but hey, "we can make it look pretty..."

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say what u want, but it makes me thirsty.

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All in all i liked the commercial. it want the same thing as usual...but when did drinking Sprite suddenly make you change into a Robot.

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since transformers?


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nice effects, great production, but either it's bad acting or bad editing

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great concept, great animation (crazy what they can do nowadays) but just doesn't fit the product... I mean, seriously?

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Ed Rapport
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Not feeling it. over kill on the special effects.. saw no point in all the extra robtik stuff!.. been much nicer had the spot had an originally composed song. shout out to young money drizzy drake though!.. billboard advertising & music 2010 chi-town whats good?

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Does Drake have just about no charisma in this spot? From the way he awkwardly looks side-to-side during the transformation, all I can think of is some over-caffeinated director swooping a camera around in front of him saying "Just look like a robot! Don't move your face! We'll do the rest in post!"

Anyway, it would have been a lot better if the spot had been something else completely. How did this get greenlighted? They could have had Drake actually do something, or had someone cheap turn into a robot. The two concepts are unrelated, and doing both at once seems like a waste.

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Yo drake im a huge fan luvn ur music luvn u...n 2 them haterz get a lyf bitchez al u knw iz 2 hate n wryt bulsht damn get a grip drake ur phresh man lv u lotz