November 2007


Advertising Agency: Colenso BBDO, Auckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Richard Maddocks
Deputy Creative Director: Steve Cochran
Art Directors: Jonathan McMahon
Copywriters: Jonathan McMahon
Agency producer: Jonathan Gerard
Account Executive: Lucy Pilkington
Director: Sam Peacocke
Producers: Mark Foster, Claire Thompson

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johnston's picture
Activity Score 144

And this is supposed to motivate parents to go out and buy their kids this game? Hmm.

Jet Lee's picture
Jet Lee
Activity Score 127

And supposed to motivate the kids too to say, 'Wowowo, that's fuckin' cool. I want that game and swear at my mum and fuck my aunty'.


Edo's picture
Activity Score 16

This is the most unsensitive, stupid ad i have ever seen.

Andal's picture
Activity Score 863

Smart and Funny Signature.

It's so easy to critic.

copycomoelcopi's picture
Activity Score 822

but the mom was hot!

kalpesh78's picture
Activity Score 2578

these are pretty bad... unless the parents are rockstars themselves. no wonder videogames get a bad name.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

ispeak's picture
Activity Score 90

what a waste of time, energy, money and expectation. Which school of thought says "you need to abuse ur mom to be a rockstar" ?

really BAD!!

adcook's picture
Activity Score 156

Whatever..all the above comments sound like typical suits comments..Good on Colenso for such work (and to the suits there - who've got the balls to seel such great stuff).. All you above (with the exception of copycomoelcopi sound like a bunch of jealous shits..

Andal's picture
Activity Score 863

You are funny.
Smart and Funny Signature.

It's so easy to critic.

copythat's picture
Activity Score 4

And you sound like one of the overly sensitive creatives that made this terrible campaign.

adcook's picture
Activity Score 156

As a matter of fact I'm not. I'm on the opposite side of the globe. And that's such a nice name you got there - bet your book reflects your name.

mikelite's picture
Activity Score 1031

no, he sounds like a junior with zero experience.

ringodreammer's picture
Activity Score 2

Thanks for the good humour.LoL

locolos's picture
Activity Score 2

entertaining, and a good laugh. What the hell else are you expecting from video game advertising. Stop bitching... just enjoy.

penfold's picture
Activity Score 8

I can't believe people take offence. Jesus Christ! (you'll probably take offence to that too) It's obviously about the kid getting a rockstar attitude and acting like one.

linotype's picture
Activity Score 69

This is just the best of the day, So strong concept

raverus's picture
Activity Score 1476

Crap work, no wonder it's available in NZ

adcook's picture
Activity Score 156

What have you done that's better?

kyarajesh's picture
Activity Score 90


j2mango's picture
Activity Score 534

its really stupid,stupid,stupid!

smudge23's picture
Activity Score 171

It's not aimed at kids. It's aimed at 18+ like most video games. This is a cinema ad surely. So parents don't enter into it.

kc_brock's picture
Activity Score 703

exactly. and the target will buy.

it's really f'ing good!


Belgian's picture
Activity Score 12

Really really good, next winner in Cannes, you'll see

Don Draper's picture
Don Draper
Activity Score 144

Hilarious stuff. Perfect attitude. And that kid is is a great actor. Have his agent call me.

Tincho's picture
Activity Score 1093

The rockin attitude of the boy is awesome, rockin actor.

...but HEY!... parents are the ones that pay for that game... if you put "the mom" in that situation I doubt she is going to get that game for her children. You have to think that parents (Mothers most of all) use to be very sesitive to this things.

You should have used that talented young actor in a less dramatic situation.

novel's picture
Activity Score 190

fuc**ng stupid ad

::son of mount malang::copywriter of The Drawing Squad
::hidup adalah proses menuju kematian yang sempurna::

Ron Jeremy's picture
Ron Jeremy
Activity Score 92

Very scam. Show me a media sheet and I'll believe it ran.

RM's picture
Activity Score 419

Of course it didn't run on free to air or pay tv, it's just a viral spot, and it happens to have everyone on this site talking about it. It's done it's job, very entertaining, can't wait for the next ones

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Guest commenter


Guest's picture

i never bad rate an AD here.. but that was FUCKING RIDICULOUS

soulpheonix3996's picture
Activity Score 53

the boy's a good actor, but is this really supposed to get the parents to buy the game just so their kid can swear at them. After all, who has the money control? The parents do.

Temple's picture
Activity Score 11341

still a fuckup after 3 years.

Guest's picture

I love it. best advertisment ever.