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Activity Score 149

Not like other.

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Activity Score 174

Expected more.

Sorry, but this isn't as good as the other 2.

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Paint and bunnies couldn't catch up with the simplicity, elegance and dynamism of balls.

Here is the site btw:

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"elegance and dynamism of balls"? hehe, i like that one..

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Balls is definitely still best. But I'm going to enjoy watching all the behind the scenes stuff on the new Bravia website. Sony has my attention.

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Activity Score 80

Actually this one is pretty great.
This one is an art! Other 2 were commercials.

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Ivan What's wrong with the site, we can't access this vid as well as that AIDS awareness one. Sombody do summin!

Not even twenty tongue rings could (beep) with my speech...

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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I think if I never saw "balls" before, it would be incredible, but I saw it, so for me is not like the first one. It's a wonderful film anyway i really like it.

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Activity Score 571

Great direction, except for the music choice. Too obvious.

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I'm not sure how this could be seen as not being on par with the others. I think it is a wonderful addition to their campaign and beautifully done.

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You should watc hthe behind the scenes at This spot will be all over the award shows this year.

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Little Father

is this stop motion of cgi? If it is stop motion it's unique. Well done.

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This is stop motion. How could you not love it?

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Activity Score 116

this is F-ing sweet.

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sorry, but after BALLS, i can't see paint and rabbit as a great commercial, just normal.
just a re-reading (and not so good) of the original and superb BALLS.

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Alex A.

Balls is still is better. It seems Juan Cabral is becoming an advertiser and not a communicator. Great creative, but go back to what made Balls magnificent. The feeling of experiencing color lik no other with no distractions of known music. I think paint and bunnies are visually perfect. The drama is lost with the music chosen. Music that is known. Keep up the great work!

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i wonder how it would have been received had the other two not been done.
it's awesome.
anyone who says otherwise is just plain ill-informed.
these guys deserve all of our respect for the body of work they have done on this brand.

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You guys are pathetic, this is just great.
Love the idea
Love the execution
you can not compare a great execution to another. is is just different but great.

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Its very good, but just want to skip to whats next on the site now, so it is not amazing. I remember bals and paint leaving me with much more than this

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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Activity Score 118

i like paint the most, but this one is great... i think this one miss a good end.

(miguelandréscortés / Art Director / Leo Burnett Colombiana)

(miguelandréscortés / Graphic Creative / Y&R)

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I had Giselle Bundchen for a girlfriend, and then I start dating one fat girl from my high school....

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Rocky 3 is not as good as the first Rocky.

Same with bravia.

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true.. true.. what about godfather? or star wars? or.. sonybravia 1st and 2nd?

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Or Terminator II ?

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Activity Score 6080

1. Paint
2. Balls
3. Rabbits... but still quite liked the treatment.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Activity Score 236

I love it, love it, love it.

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Activity Score 339

the effort is breakable not us good as the first but still this is a AMAZING JOB DONE good Work GUYS...

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agree that bunnies aren't as good as the other two but this one has by far the biggest ambient promotion potential.

still find it amazing and 'watchable' more than once.

thumbs up.

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This is a nice idea!

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This was a nice idea. And many others have used the same one. And like many others before, it hasn't made a different point than to say: "We have color. And our color is better than your color." What's the point?

What's the point?

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This ad caused quite a stir - being accused of ripping off artists KozynDan.

See here:

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tanvir hassan raju
Activity Score 419

whatever guys, i think this one is very..nice art direction and hats off to the maker/animator


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Activity Score 66

Like it very much. Great piece of advertising! And people love it

My favs: balls, rabbits, paint

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This gives you a little smile whilst you watch, as did "Paint". "Balls" was just the most beautiful thing to watch though. I think all 3 are brilliant.

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What's the connection to rabbit here? Or just anything can bounce? Can anyone explain?