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I simply love this ad. Brilliant.

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hehe funny.

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John Huerbert II
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john huebert says RIP OFF! RIP OFF! RIP OFF!
this is an obvios rip off. goodby and silvershtien used cows in their advertisements for milks. cant any one see this thevery? when i was on a luxurious vacation in a middle eastern country called brazil ( for those of you not wealthy enough to visit. it is very nice but too many camels) they would cut off your arm for steeling someones wife. what they would only do to the makers of this spot who stole the use of cows.

john huebert signing off

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I can't see any thevery at all, but i can definatly see your ego been attacked by somebodyelse great work.

please no one else ever.. never... ever.. dare to use cows as they have been already used for milk ads.

ps. nothing to do with this work...

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Bob Bobman
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John Huerbert II,
You are either a cynical cynical person. In which case I applaud you for your delicate sense of humour.
(although I think many people will have missed the subtleties)
You are a person who thinks that once someone uses a cow in an ad, nobody else can ever again use a cow. And you can't possibly be that stupid.

So, I applaud you for your sense of humour. I love it.

And I love this ad too, by the way,

(even if they use cows)


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Lovely. Wonderful lateral thinking.

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Very different and surprising. Great.

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brazil's a middle eastern country? hmmm... clever.

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so funny! i love it

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yeah, the cow idea has been done to death. and the idea of making a TV spot. as well as advertising in general. done to death.