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I personally think that this TV came after the winning print campaign

When you have a winning idea, STOP!!

Apart from Execution and music, this ad does nothing for the campaign.

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I don't think the spot warrants serious criticism. It's hardly 'bad' in the overall scheme of things. It just isn't great - for my money.

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MADE in the USA
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I am accustomed to being in the minority, as I obviously will be now.

I like the ad, It has a duel point of interest, coupled with a good music score. Also no voice over.
This is a Television ad, no voice over requires the consumer to pay attention to get the point. It may need to be seen two or three times before one gets the entire ad. What is that little red thing on the stick figures leg?
Oh I see It’s the Levi’s logo.... In comparison to much of the C**p ads on Tv there’s no reason to throw this under the bus.
I’ll bet it does the ONE thing it was supposed to do... Branding so that it Sell Jeans.

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MADE in the USA
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You sent me to look at an ad that has nothing what so ever to do with this ad. They are two totally different genres that are not graded on the same scale or category. So what you’re doing in other words is “comparing an Apple to a Dog.

The Honda ad is really great in execution and the talent is so good it almost causes one to miss a rather big point.
Do I want a car that lifts me out of my seat after going over such a small bump? And such a loud interior caused by average road noise? And whose windshield wipers are so loud and squeaky, like something ten years old? Do I want to put out twenty, twenty eight thousand dollars for a car that allows me to feel Every brick in the road? Do I want to be so entranced by the delivery of the ad that I no longer possess my objectivity?
It really is a nice piece, but are you kidding me with that tag line: “The Power of dreams” what does that even mean?
“The power of Hyperbole.

Oh hey “Guest (not verified) Mon, 2006-07-17 06:20, I almost forgot. I would like to ask you a question.
Who are you exactly? Why are you stealing credibility for yourself from work that you haven’t even done?
( “WE call ads like HONDA - Choir great ads.”)

Who are we, exactly? You didn’t have anything to do with that Honda ad, that is not your creativity. That is not your Work, Ideas, Direction Production, or delivery... That is your nothing.
Your just some guy with an opinion able to agree with others who like it.

Is that all you have for me Guest?.. Is that as good as you’ve got?

I take my leave basking in the Minority.

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MADE in the USA
Activity Score 434

When the blinded eye is made to the definition of a miracle.