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If you liked it, check out the previous execution with Einstein too.

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Hey Ivan,

A suggestion...

Would it help if the site was broken down into spec/published categories?

I don't know if people would actually own up to some work being spec, but that being said, a lot of people
would, esp. students

I just feel that that would help a lot in the comments section...

If someone says seen it in the spec section, fair enough.

If someone says seen it in the real work section, we all know that there are possibly other factors
that made that ad not so great...atleast it wont be a personal attack at the CD/AD/CW who worked their
ass off on something great, and the client said no sorry... this is what I want...

Do you kinda get what Im trying to suggest?

Any thoughts people?

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Yes, it is a possibility. Thanks for the suggestion.

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I wish they would do that for award shows too.

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focus group
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Lovely! Well done!

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onya bevooooooooooooooooo