Traffic Light

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June 2010

Renault: Traffic Light

Film advertisment created by Publicis, Germany for Renault, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Frankfurt/Publicis Conseil, Germany
Chief Creative Directors: Volker Schrader, Olivier Altmann
Creative Director Art: Nico Juenger
Creative Director Copy: Peter Kaim
Director: David Gray
DOP: Sebastian Pfaffenbichler
Producer: Federico Russo

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loooool very funny :D

Mohamed El Mahdy

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What does that one has anything to do?!! I think is funny and the tag line is great "life's too short to be boring" 100% agreed! Maybe a little more attitude is missing on the characters at the end but concept is ok

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Yes you are right bontjas. Same idea, different products and direction.
And there might be another ad which is smilar to this one. but i dont remember yet. it might be a condom ad.

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Like it!

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Could have ended much better

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The concept idea, singing load inside the car on a red light, is from a movie... I don't recall the name.

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the story "Funny Moment" an then "Dad from new Girlfriend" have seen bedder ads

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very nice :-)

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this is so random.

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HAHAHA - but the end could have been better. The joke didn't connect with the what was being said. Anyways, What the hell, I like it.

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funny beginning but awful end.

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i love the guy in the car.

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so many wholes in directing and in the story as well. I mean singing in ur car i can understand, but making faces to other people on traffic light makes him look like his on drugs. It would have been enough if he is just ashamed when realizes that he has been caught in his intimate fooling around. second is the gathering infront of the door, I mean they look like a bonzo family all of them going in front of the house waiting the boyfriend of their daughter, it would have been enough to have a living room with the window to justify the fathers replica about the boys car.
third: the dialogues are like form the 80s.
all in all it flows in the cliche of standards.

bad job boys.

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it´s the first time that i like this song

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Like this add, this one also plays on Belgium tv

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It's just funny, I've seen many commercials with the same mechanics.

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Fa temps que els anuncis de cotxes no son divertits. m'agrada.

Pau Marquès
(+34) 670 36 79 83

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Should have ended before he said "At least you have a nice daughter". Too much.

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Isn´t it a Mercedes ad that is similar?

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i love this commercial. it's PERFECTION.
im OK with the ending too - it allows for the awkwardness play out, and lets dad roll his eyes, which is a must-do in an ad like this otherwise it'd have felt incomplete
ps: he reminds me of a lot of guys :D, and he reminds me of a lot of dads :D