Pick up

July 2007


Advertising Agency: Hill Holiday, Boston, MA, USA
Creative Directors: Scott Noble, Bob Pirrman
Agency Producer: Alex Vainstein
Production Company: Tool of North America, Santa Monica, CA, USA
Director: Harry Cocciolo
Executive Producers: Jennifer Siegel and Brian Latt
DP: Mark Plummer
Line Producer: Lauren Bayer
Editorial Company: The Whitehouse, NY
Editor: Kevin Zimmerman
Editorial Producer: Joanna Scheerer
Post Production Company: Smoke & Mirrors, NY

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Ed Mintone's picture
Ed Mintone
Activity Score 585

Why didn't Stomp ever copyright their act? Why? Why?!!!

alfredo's picture
Activity Score 558

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

dklimke's picture
Activity Score 23

How bout keeping both hands on the wheel soccer mom.

I did notice she wasn't driving and eating at the same time but it's pretty easy to see that's the intent.

hang-the-dj's picture
Activity Score 1262

Let me be the 1st to vote 1. For one hell of a corny piece of shit.

nycCreative's picture
Activity Score 98

anyone smell that? oh sorry, that was just me taking a crap in my pants watching mistake...

Beatboxer's picture
Activity Score 1517

Don't miss a beat all afternoon? Ahahahahaha

This is a very well produced ad... but for donuts??? What does all this rhythmic story has to do with freakin' donuts??? The connection is WAY TOO BAD!!!

Seat did it with Stomp. Coca-Cola did it as well, with Mayumana. Honda did one of the most brilliant ads ever. Hill Holiday, better luck next time.

ODoyle's picture
Activity Score 260

Oh sweet jesus that was a corny, schmaltzy piece of shit.

tom Fong's picture
tom Fong

don't forget Nike's basketball ad...

Nice try HH... not really.