Mr. KjosNew Years Speech 2010

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January 2010

Norwegian: Mr. KjosNew Years Speech 2010


Mr. KjosNew Years Speech 2010. Every New Year´s eve since 1960, the Kingof Norway has given a speech on nationaltelevision to the Norwegian people wherehe reviews important events of the pastyear.Norwegian Airlines is Norway´s leadingairline carrier. Because of their low pricesand informal CEO, the have become apopular brand with ordinary people.We wanted to hijack the king´s speech bybuying the commercial break before theKing went on air and let Norwegian`s CEOaddress the nation with his own speech.The speech lasted for three minutes andended with the CEO telling the nation thatthey could find 10.000 tickets at at give-away prices. Tickets were soldout within a few hours.

Film advertisment created by Leo Burnett, Norway for Norwegian, within the category: Transport.

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nice ad.

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A pretty spectacular way to communicate a promotion - I only hope it was cost-effective.

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Now, who would have thought Norway has a king.

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Nike Diesel
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That is one ignorant comment.

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dean viii
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wish you showed the whole commercial

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smart i tell u!