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i dont get it... : (


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Phil Lestino
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are you really don't get it? Werewolves in cult movies transform every full moon...(once a month). The cult movie magazine is delivered once a month. see the connection. When he gets the magazine the pain of transformation is eased
Reading the mag is so absorbing he forgets about everything else, so no people are killed by werewolves for another month. (well at least I think that's it) :-!

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yes, thanks, i got that part. Phil

i meant the line > a month is a long time for a mv addict??


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I think this is an expensive bad idea...

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good effects for nothing in my opinion

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Please, oh please don't do this kind of ads! Donate the money to someone who will actually use it wisely!

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i like it

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ummm I suppose you have to be a movie addict to appreciate it.... Personally I think its so...generic.

Cognito Ergo Sum

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