Polar bear

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June 2008

Executive Producer: Kiayan Reuter (NY producer: Melati Pohan)

Film advertisment created by Mullen, United States for National Grid, within the category: Industrial, Agriculture.

Advertising Agency: Mullen, Wenham, MA, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Edward Boches
Executive Creative Director: Mark Wenneker
Group Creative Director / CW: Stephen Mietelski
Group Creative Director / AD: Michael Ancevic
Director of Broadcast Production: Liza Near
Agency Broadcast Producer: Erika Whitters
Agency Account Service: Drayton Martin; Julie Carney; Kelly Dickens
Broadcast Production Company: HKM (Los Angeles)
Director: JacobsBriere
Director of Photography: Stefan Czapsky
Executive Producer: Ned Brown
Producer: Line Postmyr
Location: Los Angeles
Stock Footage: BBC/Footage Bank/ National Geographic/Thought Equity/Getty
Editorial: Final Cut (NYC/LA)
Editor: Stephen Berger
Assistant Editor: Georgia Dodson
Post Production: CO3 (Los Angeles)
Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld
Online Editor: Brickyard (Dave Waller)
Visual Effects: D-Train (Los Angeles)
Compositor: Dan Connelly
Artist: Ben Gibbs
Producer: Shannon Preece
Audio Post: Nylon (NYC/Australia)
Mixer: Dave Robertson
Assistant Producer: Karena Cameron
Music Production: Nylon
Sound Design: Nylon

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Activity Score 419

Nice one, beautiful production - good idea too.

Today is a great day on aotw!

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Activity Score 2

Its a good spot, the singer is Melanie Horsnell. She also did the vocals for the J C Penney ad from last years Oscars "How can it be" (with Elliot Wheeler)
You can hear more at or


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Activity Score 1093


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Activity Score 2110

I want a polar bear now...


"I saw a subliminal ad executive once, but only for a second." - The Wright


I have thousands of pencils and $1.50 so I'm off to Starbucks

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Activity Score 3435

I especially like the light effects. They missed some bubbles in the pool... otherwise,

Edward Boches, Mark Wenneker, Stephen Mietelski, Michael Ancevic, Liza Near,
Erika Whitters, Drayton Martin, Julie Carney, Kelly Dickens, HKM, JacobsBriere,
Stefan Czapsky, Ned Brown Line Postmyr, Los Angeles, Final Cut, Stephen Berger
Georgia Dodson, Kiayan Reuter, CO3, Stefan Sonnenfeld, Brickyard (Dave Waller)
D-Train, Dan Connelly, Ben Gibbs, Shannon Preece, Nylon (NYC/Australia)
Dave Robertson, Karena Cameron and Nylon...

...have done a good job!
Great work; Hats off guys....



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Activity Score 10

sooo cute!

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Alistair C.
Activity Score 692

excellent production, touching idea

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Activity Score 3086

agree. That kind of ideas is my weakness.

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Activity Score 61

Fresh!!! and touching idea. Very well.

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andré ™
Activity Score 144

Very good!

It makes me want to watch over and over again, nice script.

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Activity Score 88

I feel very happy to watch this tvc. Very positive. great music and very good production.