Generation Youth, Graffiti 2010

March 2010

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After nearly 30 years, MTV has changed its logo, and its place in youth culture. To promote this historic evolution, MTV is rolling out a twenty-four spot image campaign that embodies the changing spirit and attitudes of its newest generation of youth. The thirty-second image spots defy stereotypes and show how this generation, raised on the internet, is different from their older sibling or any other generation that has come before them. The campaign ranges from underground sub-cultures to personal stories; from a wave of diversified skateboarders to teen girls who don’t look up to celebrities to a pair of young DIY philanthropists with a global reach fueled by their facebook account. The campaign was shot over five days with two various camera crews in six cities. The spots start breaking on MTV mid March and will be releasing new spots every week. Music was provided by established artists OK Go, Peter Bjorn & John as well as up and coming bands and musicians just breaking into the scene.

Advertising Agency / Prod Co: MTV on-air promos
Directors: Evan Silver and Michael Franzini
Producers: Jessica Borovay and Brett Henenberg
Associate Producer: Veronica Balta
Art Director / Writer: Evan Silver
SVP On-Air Promos: Kevin Mackall
VP Creative Director: Amy Campbell
Cinematographers: Vasco Nunes and David Gorn
Editor: Erik Auli @ Post Millennium
Sound Design: Dave Hnatiuk @ MTV
VFX Creative Director: Charles No @ Alien Kung Fu
VFX Executive Producer: Brandon Litman @ Alien Kung Fu
VFX Animators: Peter Panton & Marco Ruesta @ Alien Kung Fu
Colorist: Micah Kirz @ Mi Post 360
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They've been swapping styles and sketches since the mid 80's. There were TONS of magazines available featuring artists from around the world long before the internet, and artists traveled the world influencing each other and collaborating with one another. And speaking of the 80's, MTV hasn't been cool since.

Honest Dave
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Awesome. Let's celebrate other anti-social, illegal pastimes next!

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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ahahah 10* for sirvan's comment

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my favorite anti-social illegal pastime has got to be chiming in with my 2 cents about sub-cultures im obviously not a part of. oh wait thats not anti-social or illegal at all, its just a waste of time like most things humans tend to do

2012 hit the reset button on the world super jesus smoke dmt and kill yourself

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