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May 2013


We've developed a new TVC for the leading Tunisian brand in sanitary towels, pretty unusual for the category in a very conservative market (Arabic country). The idea addresses a specific and explicit message to women (to show a sanitary napkin on television was a first in Tunisia) while giving men the means to pass the time that the commercial is on by watching images specially tailored towards them such as scenes from action movies, football matches or auto stunts. A simple idea to reunite men and women around a topic which had divided them for ages.

Film advertisement created by BBDO, Tunisia for Miss Lilas, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: 3SG BBDO, Tunisia
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Bruno Brasileiro's picture

This could have been done for any women brand in any market. It's not based on the concept of the product.

Bruno Brasileiro
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Dear Bruno you seem to know a lot of markets but visibly you don't know the Tunisian market that well. Buying a sanitary towel for a woman could be compared to the purchase of a condom 20 years ago in France. I can easily do the comparison as I'm French and I currently live in Tunisian. Women are ashamed to buy the product when a man is around. Because most men look at the women as if they were judging them. So trying to divert the attention of the men in an ad while conveying a message for the women seemed something relevant. And it was the first time that a sanitary towel was shown on screen. Of course, there is some humor in all this matter.

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You have a good point.

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Setting up drums is like setting up a family.

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I agree with Bruno.

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RichardCl's picture

...sounds like there might be embarrassed flicks of the remote control.

I'm thinking the format might help keep a few more of those people on the ad.

For that reason, I think there's more reason to do an run like this in Tunisia than there would be in less conservative countries.

I wonder if the images on the left could have somehow illustrated the words in a different way.

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