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Thanks for this video

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strong. i think this works way better than the print ad.

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really strong. certainly makes impact

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Yes, very very strong!! and simple!!!

I have in disaccord whit the music.

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Wow a hispanic agency in the US did exactly the same ad. Shame on you Grey

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could you pls post a link to that work?

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Powerful stuff. Even if this has been done before as cgreyes suggests, I don't care. It's still powerful stuff for a very serious problem.

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Famine is a very serious problem. People are starving to death and have total awareness of that. I don't see eating disorders as a social issue.

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Mr Hughes
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Get a grip.

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Whaaaaat??? do you know how this shit f**** up teenagers for life? if they don't die that is. the pain is different but the problem is as big as starving. and the solution is much much much harder to find

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I'm confused, is the girl in the mirror meant to be overweight? If anything, I would have thought that she was a healthy weight.

This is why people have such distorted images of themselves.
Girls who look like the one in the mirror and who previously thought that they were a healthy weight are going to see this add and think that other people see them as being fat.

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Okay Just So All Of You Who Are Confused Understand What This Is About...

This Is More Or Less A Message To Girls That Are Suffering From Anorexia/Bulimia/Etc.
The Ad Is For A Place That Provides Support For Those People, Those People That Realize They Have A Problem And Want To Get Help For Themselves. The Person Suffering Is The Only Person That Can Help Them, No Matter How Hard The Family Tries They Can't Help That Person If They Don't Think They Need To Help Themselves, And Believe That They Are Okay, So They Won't Get Help Until They Are Ready And realize That They Have A Problem.
Unfortunately, For Those Dealing With These Disorders, No Matter How Skinny You Are, Even If You Have A Great Body, You See Yourself As Being Fat In The Mirror. Even Though Someone May Be Telling You "You Look Great" Or "You're So Skinny" All You Can Think About Is How Huge You Think You Look And How Huge You Feel.

Get It Now?

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Indeed anorexia is a terrible illness from which many more people suffer than we know of. And they are too afraid to check some form of anorexia or , so people will not find out. Hope you get well fast and enjoy life you are beautiful.

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Guest commenter

This is exactly how it is. Fantastic ad.

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this girl is really weird starving her bcuz of thought please get a grip

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hmm .. you know people have their own problems in life .. and some times they dont know how to deal with them other than using the easy way out .. im not perfect or any thing but this pick is crazy .. but bulimia is a disorter and this is the out come of it obviously.. its sad hope fully people like this can overcome the disorder and move forward in life getting more healthier ...
kate 19 f, TN

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I live in Canada and i saw this ad on tv, only for a different charity.

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Thanks for this video