Bing and Decide

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March 2010

Microsoft / Bing: Bing and Decide


Using the tagline ‘Bing and Decide’ the ads aim to inform the public of Bing’s role in helping searchers make more informed decisions, and contrasts other search products with the simple, integrated and instantaneous answers that Bing produces. Each ad features someone suffering from ‘information overload’, with Bing offered as the cure.

Film advertisment created by JWT, United States for Microsoft, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: JWT, USA

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Reality Check
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Neither chimps nor humans should be subjected to such mediocrity.

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jesus.. not!

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Good job if making a irritating film that gets stuck in your head was the brief

Hate advertising? Make better ads.

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so.. this is what you say when you get the least results... But it's not google Microsoft.

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Memorable, but doesn't do much good to build the brand I'm afraid.

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just like Microsoft itself, trying to hard, trying to copy others and not succeeding at all

Always try to be unique even when forced to conform.

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Guto Araki
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This ad is a sophism.

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the message is clear. LOL @ little boy betraying mother

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Pushkaraj Shirke
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Monkey took a dump. that one star fell outta there.