The Driver

May 2008
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Beijing, China
Group Executive Creative Director: Nils Andersson
Creative Director / Copywriter: Doug Schiff
Creative Director / Art Director: Michael Wong
Agency Producer: Jeff Wong, Catherine Law
Film Director: Marcus Nispel
Executive Producer: Jaclyn Lee
Producer: Daniel Yu, CC Mak
Director Producer: Vincent Oster
Director of Photography: Phil Meheux
Stunt Coordinator: Kenny Bates
Production House: Saville Production, USA
Production House: October Pictures Ltd, China
Post Production: Union Editorial, LA
Editor: Jay Friedkin
Senior Producer: Megan Dahlman
Telecine Editor: Rob Scirata (Company 3)
VFX: Evan Guidera (Dominik Bauch)
Audio Mixer: Mike Feldman
Music Composers: Mophonics, LA/NY
Account Service: Raymond Tao, Ronald Sun, Terence Lin, Crystal Chen, Fan Yang

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consolidated.db's picture
Activity Score 545

oh man that was bad. it was only after id taken the shear brunt of it the first time that i could watch it and appreciate the slick directing afterwards - with the sound down.

why put so much into production but so little into script development?

and how come she takes off without getting her 15%?

kurtberengeiger's picture
Activity Score 7318

The Mercedes Massacre.
And she deosn't only takes off w/o her 15%, but she leaves empty handed as well...

back2b's picture
Activity Score 191

in reference to "the "transporter" I guess.

Bad acting. Whom are they targeting with that ad? Girls?

Duckman's picture
Activity Score 520

I like that "Transformers" endline.

Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

vaseem's picture
Activity Score 54

what was that.....girls knw how to drive....whoa that's a revelation!!!!

mondo's picture
Activity Score 142


Alistair C.'s picture
Alistair C.
Activity Score 692

i watched this only for the pretty chinese actress. as an ad, it's not interesting.

rudylafaber's picture
Activity Score 49

BMW did this so much better with their short films awhile back.

Writer's picture
Activity Score 129

bad art direction, no idea.. shit

marco's picture
Activity Score 118

His only frightened cause she can't see over the dash board!!

Wordnerd's picture
Activity Score 6692

zhang ziyi is so sweet! the spot isn't. pity

silenciorn's picture
Activity Score 153

They had the idea... they just didn't nail it. Why does she go?! Is she just selling the car? She's a beauty, anyhow.

si fai il mio nome, non ci sono più...

天边的白鹭's picture
Activity Score 80

zhang ziyi was a fucking bitch. nobody like her in China!

cuthead's picture

watch your mouse,you don't have qualification to represent chinese

ZeOrb's picture
Activity Score 24

BMW then pirelli now merc.. who's next

joestamp's picture
Activity Score 130

what a pile of cunt

Broadsky's picture

This spot is actually a direct reference to the movie The Driver (1978), although in that film he completely smashes up the car hitting posts and barriers in the parking garage, just to F with them