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German movie, german comment: Erinnert mich sehr an den "Sound des Sommers" Film für Mercedes von Springer & Jacoby. Nur, dass der Mercedesfilm sehr viel liebevoller umgesetzt wurde. Nur ein Drache... schade. Wo ist die Welt um ihn herum. Eigentlich ein guter Film, ich finde ihn aber nicht perfekt umgesetzt. Irgendwie fehlen die Emotionen und ein Wow-Effekt.
(Reminds me of "Sound des Sommers" for Mercedes Benz. But I think the Mercedes Movie was much better executed.)

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hey Axxl cud u please explain me the idea...cudnt understand german:(

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A man tells us something about a rising dragon. It's part of story of an audio book. The audiobooks are so well spoken that it seems like the letters combine and shape a dragon. So the story becomes alive in your head.

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okie....tht's wonderfull!!...thnx Axxl :)

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no translation necessary. i love it!

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Jonny Lonestar
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wow. I'd buy those "german speaking" headphones if they make dragons fly in my head. Awesomely simple.

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it's an ad for audio books, not for headphones ;)

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Very nice art direction.
Somehow reminds me of a brazilian bookstore campaign with a headline that said:
Words Create Worlds.

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i love it tout simplement!

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I love it! Woot!

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Not a new idea but still, awesome i like it.

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That's f**king awesome!

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Mr Hughes
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ich mag