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October 2008

Film advertisment created by Team Detroit, United States for Lincoln, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: TeamDetroit/Berlin Cameron United
Creative Directors: Jason Peterson, Griffin Creech
ACD: Harry Bernsein
AD: Josh Webman
Copywriter: Nate Manske
Director of Production: Dane Johnson
Producer: Mary Ellen Duggan
Prod Company: Anonymous Content
Director: Joe Kosinski
EP: Jeff Baron
EP / Head of Commercials: Dave Morrison
Head of Production: Sue Ellen Clair
Producer: Jessica Cooper Carlson
Production Supervisor: Dan Naylor
Editorial: Spotwelders
Editor: Robert Duffy
Assistant Editor: Helay Snow
EP: David Glean
Post Supervisor: Carolina Wallace
Editor: Jim Ulbrich
EP: Joanne Ferraro
Producer: Emily Davidson
Post / Effects: Digital Domain
VFX Supervisor: Jay Barton
EP: Karen Anderson
VFX Producer: Chris Fieldhouse
VFX Coordinator: Stephanie Escobar
VFX Artist: Dirk Green
VFX Producers: Wendy Garfinkle, Sara Mills
Title Treatments / CG Design and Animation: Pan Optic
VFX Supervisor: Gary Beslin
VFX Producer: Forrest Heidel
Telecine: Company 3, LA
Colorist: Stephan Nakamura
Licensed Music: Space Oddity sung by Cat Power
Sound Designer: Reinhard Denke
Audio Post: Sound Lounge
Mixer: Tom Jucarone
Shoot Location: Amboy, CA

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musback's picture
Activity Score 355

Simply stunning! really took my breath away, but the style and music reminds me of the timelapse video of the AUDI R8 and the flames of the new BMW M3 commercials.

Overall very very nice ad though, 9/10 imo. Just love this hi-tech, futuristic look and feel!
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tylermx's picture
Activity Score 115

Beautiful & the music is great

jorge00's picture
Activity Score 76

this thing was already posted here like 3 or 4 months ago...

BE MY GUEST's picture
Activity Score 44

Lovely post-prod. Interesting way of giving it the airplane experience for a car.

xellossism's picture

i think, blue fire is always so coooool!

Quink's picture
Activity Score 234

ok, so the music is nice but what else is great about it?

Kateter's picture
Activity Score 2029

move on. no idea here.

BE MY GUEST's picture
Activity Score 44

There is an idea here. Lincoln is a car that doesn't behave like what you are currently driving...ergo the overall image is anything but ordinary automobile.

Kateter's picture
Activity Score 2029

yeah, I got that. so?

"a car that doesn't behave like what you are currently driving"

wow, now that's something new for car advertising.

as said before: no idea here.

Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

Fully agree. An idea cannot be replaced by post production.

BulbheaD's picture
Activity Score 254

no idea. no naked chicks either. what a waste.

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stitchy's picture
Activity Score 779

y does the song stops while she s singing? n yes blue fire always rocks...
n yes we have technology
n yes its an ugly car...
n yes it shows the airplane effect (barely)
n yes...
n yes

these ads always shows the same high tech bla bla bla bla

n8's picture
Activity Score 33

nice song


vidya.shankaran's picture
Activity Score 724

mind blowing video! music not so appealing tho..could have done better there....

mrbobcr's picture
Activity Score 24

Cat Power singing Bowie. Priceless.

kurtberengeiger's picture
Activity Score 7323

Lots of metal for the client and some emotion for the creatives. Nice bread and butter work. The other two adverts in the campaign are unfortunately less impressive.

Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

The credit list is longer than at the end of Saving Private Ryan.

Guest's picture

This campaign has had some real interesting choice in music, both the songs and the performances