Legs wide shut

September 2007


Connex Trains Melbourne is trying to enhance the commuter experience by tackling poor commuter etiquette head on. Inconsiderate passenger behaviour is a concern of many commuters and a problem they have wanted rectified for some time.

Enter Dr Martin Merton, America’s No. 1 expert on train etiquette, a completely fictional self-help author created by Leo Burnett Melbourne. The agency began by developing a website ( that announced the author was heading down under to write his next title, There’s No ‘I’ in Carriage: a self-help guide to becoming more considerate commuter.

In the lead up to the book launch, these 3 online etiquette sessions were sent out virally announced the coming of the book.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Creative Director: Jason Williams
Art Director: Richard Walker
Copywriter: Andrew Woodhead
Production House: Monkeyhouse
Director: Bradley Howard
Producer: Nathan Earl
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