Set Yourself Free

January 2014


Copywriters Directors: Henry Inglis, Aaron McCann
Producer: Lauren Elliott
Director of Photography: Denson Baker ACS
Focus Puller / Art Director: Eamon Dimmitt
Data Wrangler / 2nd AC: Dominic Pearce
Stills Photographer: Courtney McAllister
Camera Assistants: Olivia Dhimitri, Maxwell Penny
Gaffer: Dion Borrett
Best Boy: Daniel Halliday
Key Grip: Clint Lawrence
Production Manager: Kate Jones
Art Director: Reece Bagrowski (Reece #1)
2nd AD: Reece O'Connell (Reece #2)
Production Designer: Ruth Levi
Standby Props: Kaylee Higgott, Matt Willemsen
Costume Designer: Nicole Ferraro
Standby Wardrobe: Holly Mumford
Special FX Makeup: Kate Anderson
Editor: Henry Inglis
Practical FX: Jeremy Shaw
Digital FX: Robert Woods
Additional Digital FX: Henry Inglis
Grading: Dominic Pearce
Sound Designer: Xoe Baird
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juliaa robot
Activity Score 69
TimTix's picture

Eh... it's NOT?

Activity Score 78
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Activity Score 3086
googler's picture

A few good ideas in there, definitely a great basis for something huge

Activity Score 14
Web Designer/Developer
Rentokill's picture

Uhh... okay - so i skip school for a day, and as a reward i accidentally end up on a minefield that has NOT been properly closed off and get blown to bits?! This is what this ad is telling me? I mean - really???

Activity Score 26
Graphic Designer at Autoactiva Werbeagentur GmbH
Bilu's picture

WTF???????????!!!!!!! Are you serious????? This is a huge crap!

Activity Score 119
abake's picture

The Learn for Life Foundation actually thinks this will make kids think twice?
I would love to see the results for this campaign...

Activity Score 1262
RMG Connect Colombia
ptabbiner's picture

Remember that:
A) Advertising is supposed to be a dramatization of the product (or of not using the product)
B) Nowadays, "unexpected" and "shocking" are what sell ads, and ultimately what makes them go around the world (which this video already has)

That said, I don't care for it either.
Well shot, I guess? Nice attention to light.

Activity Score 68
Art Director at Chester + Company
miko1aj's picture

ad a) – yeah, tell us more about it. It's obvious, but dramatization should be PROPER underline of the truthful idea. Not dramatization for a dramatization only.
ad b) – "nowadays"?? It always have been. Always certain people tend to make such excuse for lack of this what is real and true reason for effective and good campaign. And this my friend is a THOUGHT. Clever, intelligent THOUGHT properly executed. If you have logical construct then you can even have "shock factor".
This ad above is just not properly constructed and THAT's WHY it rather raises anger instead of astonishment.

Activity Score 3086
thedesignaddict's picture

Incomprehensible garbage. Shocking, and completely cryptic. Very disappointing.

Activity Score 5403
Art Director at Freelance
Gute Werbung's picture

Disgusting, even if it's going viral these days. Too much drama for me.

Gute Werbung
Activity Score 55

Gute Werbung - World best Advertising

John_Fixer's picture

B movie trailer.

Activity Score 4
kleenex's picture

The place they even went to looked like a regular beach though!!?!?!?!

Activity Score 51110
Web Designer/Developer
aofolts's picture

The fuck were they thinking with this ad???

Activity Score 23
Copywriter at CUSTOMERicity
Corbeen's picture

yeah right, goes good with a slogan : no drugs in advertising agencies.

Idiotic message.

Activity Score 1093
mrsfun's picture

You pack of ninnies, it's a hoax ad. There IS no "Learn for Life Foundation of Western Australia" The URL referenced on the closing tile "" is a fraud -- just a single page with a link back to the same clip.

Activity Score 2
Anonymous 's picture

The idea is that slacking is bad because you might get into trouble. Those kids skipped school to go to the beach and then something terrible and deadly happened. It's not exactly the most realistic or nicest ad ever but the idea's pretty basic.

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