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you need to love knight rider to love it..

rarely nowadays..


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this is pretty bad i guess...

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a little borring... but i wanna these!

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It feels like a client written ad, i hope. If it wasn't, oh my God what a let down. Why post it here so that everyone can see it. If you create something like that, God forbid, you try and hide it in the darkest corner of the agency.

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Frank Zhao
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the car is not bad, anyway

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Nice Client - Nice Product.

1st borring idea for DDB -> :(

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OMG soooooo bad. this ad, the guy, the music, the concept..... bad bad bad

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The music? The music is the key of the idea. Maybe you don't get it.
I think it's ok. And I believe that many people here qualifies the ads based on its origin.
PS: I'm not italian.

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Not a brillant idea... I like the amarcord music by Supercar. That's great!

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cool ad unlike all the other stupid car ads.

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Your all full of shit, and don't know shit, this ad is cool, could have been executed better

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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I don't think so. It's not that bad, I think the writer was more on the period. If you know Knight Rider then you'll know.. My only comment is that the editing is a bit fast there's no establishing point on the strength of the car. (well its only 30 secs)

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I don't like many of DDB's works here, but I think this is one of their's best. The car is intended for 35-40 years old and the music and the concept of Knight Rider is right, because KITT in Italy is still so considered by people of that age.

If the problem is, as sometimes it appears, the ad comes from Italy, is your problem.

(Yes, I'm italian)
[No, I don't work for DDB]

"I could have killed 'em all, I could kill you. In town you're the law, out here it's me. Don't push it. Don't push it or I'll give you a war you won't believe."

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Activity Score 2675


you need to love knight rider to love it..

rarely nowadays..


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its not that bad, but it cuold have be better.

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Bad acting, normal idea.

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truly a very dull one