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nice, although Falco (and neither amadeus) wasnt german.
But I don't know what people know in canada...

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nice. terrible off. and couldnt they get some real german actors?? and yeah falco was fkn austrian!! i mean the song even says vienna quite audible... but i dont think anyone gives a fk in ca.

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oh, man.. crap to the core

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I'm in Canada and I never knew the song wasn't German. And it doesn't really matter, it's just a joke. Pretty funny too. If you're going question the accuracy and believability of every commercial on TV you'd probably find about 70% of them have issues. But that isn't the point of advertising, entertain and inform is the point. Just don't lie about your product.

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Sheesh. We got some harsh critics on this site. If this is crap than 95% of advertising is crap because there's a lot more far worse than this. Personally, I thought it was funny. A nice thought. It raised my esteem of Subura a notch, which is quite the accomplishment, let me tell you.

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Tanya Carroll

Even though I would much rather buy a German car over anything else... and no amount of advertising would change my mind... this commercial was awesome. To be that picky over what song they're playing is a bit over the top. The commercials I'm subjected to on a daily basis, well it's just nice to laugh now and again instead of flicking endlessly during each program break.

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Not exactly the freshest of ideas, but nicely done in any case.

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It's okay if you just want to make vacuous fun of German engineering but I bet it doesn't do it to convince people to spend money on this "car"

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i'm from germany myself, and i think if the canadians relate falco to germany who gives a fuck about him being austrian? it's completly irrelevant. nice ad, beside the fact that we had an ad some time before in germany, that showed engineers testing a car an the boss finally saying: "do you know what i don't like about the car?....We didn't made it!" wich is veeery similar. does anyone remember the brand it was for?

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uhm... kiserschmarn?

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Doesn't anyone find it ironic that this car ad features a song by someone who died in a car accident--in a Japanese car, no less?

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erin montemurro
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now that last comment is funny

how do like them apples