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June 2008


Film advertisement created by JWT, United Kingdom for John West, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: CheethamBellJWT, Manchester, UK
Creative Director: Andy Cheetham
Art Director: James Ashworth
Copywriter: Andrew Dobbie
Director: Gemma Burditt
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thirty6chambers's picture

a truck would have been faster...

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Art Director
Mezooo's picture

that's one great piece of ad!

i really like the song + the stop motion video which also deliveres the benefit of the product.

awesome work

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consolidated.db's picture


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Copywriter at Ad Land
Crisp One's picture

e'ffing awsome ****

although I'm tired of seeing that video frame rate effect everywhere now, almost as annoying as when Toyota was doing that shakey camera thingy a while back.

Crisp One
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Other at New York
monotone's picture

Right, the frame rate effect. It's everywhere these days and it's getting in my nerves too.

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ad/mkt student@ESCS |

I swear I had something cool to put here.

Garlickbread's picture

If you had continued to read on, you'd have noticed that the "frame rate effect" that gets on your nerves isn't an effect at all. This entire ad was shot on Digital SLR and pieced together. Clever Stuff.

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Art Director, UK
Crisp One's picture

what ever its called, its over done... how about we call it, "That Overdone SLR effect"

Crisp One
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Other at New York
Alistair C.'s picture

i like the idea and the execution. the music is very emotional.

it's a pity that the fisherman works so hard to deliver fresh fish and people at tesco keep it frozen for a while :P maybe they should do a joint promotion with the Amigo character... fresh fish and fresh coffee in the morning :))
excuse me, i had to say this.
but i like this ad.

Alistair C.
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djakuza's picture

does anyone know the song? :)
really nice ad, love that stop motion effect.

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Art Director
durrty's picture

Song is "Dragonfly" by M. Craft.

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Garlickbread's picture

In reply to a few of the comments above:

The ad isn't using a video frame rate effect, it was actually shot on Digital SLR as still images. The boat was picked up and moved two feet between every frame. Then edited together at 25 frames per second.

The music is 'Dragonfly' by a band called M.Craft

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Art Director, UK
kurtberengeiger's picture

Nice classic advert.

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PeteRowden's picture

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. Is this 'creative' or plain old-fashioned theft?

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Garlickbread's picture

The Director of the advert is Gemma Burditt.
The Director of the music video is the same Gemma Burditt.
You decide if it's 'theft' or not...?

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Art Director, UK
Don Rapper's picture

its very good! the song is excellent, and the direction too.

Don Rapper
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Bring Out Your Dead's picture

‘Amateurs borrow, professionals steal.’

Bring Out Your Dead
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Creative Director at The Verb Agency
kergu's picture

Excellent complementation! nice work.

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sparky's picture

love it. really nice direction..

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Copywriter at M&C Saatchi
RM's picture

Lovely spot. I've always liked John West commercials. This one almost makes you think that the tuna is handmade - a nice approach. Great stuff guys

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Tapper's picture

Its a bit of a blatant steel though, could have moved it along

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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annie_us's picture

I like the idea and the execution. the music is very emotional.


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Graphic Designer at Working in an International Advertising Agency
AERC's picture

Great production...but not a great idea.

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Art Director
Wordnerd's picture

Beautiful ad. works for sure

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