September 2008

Film advertisment created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, United States for Hyundai, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, USA
CD / Partner: Jeff Goodby
Art Director: Diko Daghlian
Copywriter: Brian Ahern
CD: Will McGinness
EP: Tod Puckett
Producer: MJ Otto
Prod Company: Anonymous Content
Director: Christian Loubek
Head of Production: Sue Ellen Clair
EP: Dave Morrison
Producer: Jessica Cooper Carlson
EP / Head of Commercials: Dave Morrison
Production Supervisor: Karen Waters
Commercial Coordinator: Jessica Lee
Art Director: Mike Topoozian
2nd AD: Kirk Rogers
Editorial: Spot Welders
Editor: Robert Duffy
Assistant Editor: Jeff Maynar
EP: David Glean
Producer(s): Carolina Wallace, Lisa English
Telecine: Rushes
Visual FX: Asylum
VFX Supervisor: Paul O'Shea
EP: Michael Pardee
VFX Producer: Mark Allen Kurtz
Bidding Producer: Mike Hanley
Production Coordinator: Diana Cheng
CG Supervisor(s): Jonah Hall, Andy Cochrane
Inferno Artist(s): Brad Scott, Stefan Smith, Miles Essmiller
3D Modeling: Greg Stuhl, Chad Fedmie, Lersak Bunupuradah
3D Tracking: Michael Lori, Eddie Offerman, Daniel Warom, and Tom Stanton
3D Lighting: Josh Hatton, Brian Bell, John Courte, Aaron Vest
FX Animator: Jeff Willette
Animator / Lighting: Andy Cochrane
FX Setup: Beatrice Lorenzo
Air Date: September 2008

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pixelbomb1's picture
Activity Score 2385

dang.. look at those people who worked on this 30 sec spot. the car look a lot like the mercedes, lexus and Kim Jong-il. why the old keyboard sound at the end. it sounds like those beige keyboard for like the old mac.

Arnold Santillan

Hibon's picture
Activity Score 3734

Today cars are like "french baguette*" they all look the same...funny, most car ad's also.

*baguette is the french bread (i love it)

Simple ideas are the best !

iRIO's picture
Activity Score 224

great insight but the car is horrible

Copy_Can's picture

Why do you find this car horrible? Because it's a Hyundai?

Educate me. Because arguably EVERY automobile journalist and magazine that has reviewed the car disagrees with you.

stitchy's picture
Activity Score 779

i support Copy_CAN
everyone wants a BMW or MERCEDES which are TOP OF THE LINE IN TECHNOLOGY that breaks all the time and costs like hell, i admit they run like guns but common PRICE 4 VALUE sucks, with a price that get lower than the half in the 1st year only.

now, HYUNDAI has a bit of a COPYCAT designs which as sumone here said FRENCH BAGUETTE, and i must say that the BMW s turning into the a japanese and korean designs - not vice versa.

the only problem i c in these ads are the commentary voices, do he has 2 b the MACHO with a thick voice?
and do they have to compare it with the BMW 5 series?

i guess its time to give way 2 the new arrivals and the GENESIS is definitely worth a try...

liar's picture
Activity Score 384

I am not comfortable with the voice either. The line is just boring too. "Introducing this and that".
However, Hyundai is ranked 2nd for the least complaint car globally after Toyota.

pixelbomb1's picture
Activity Score 2385

they usually hire real actors to do the V.O. like James Earl Jones he does a lot of car commercial Morgan Freeman.

Arnold Santillan

sneakyhands's picture
Activity Score 1857

i really want to say the voice is jeff bridges. i think they're going for the whole iron man thing, making it seem advanced.

iRIO's picture
Activity Score 224

Nothing 2 Educate. it's just matter of taste
PS. I also find Mersedes is horrible) but BMW is good

Andy-B's picture
Activity Score 280

I like it. well done guyz. nice and simple

proscriptus's picture
Activity Score 114

"Three hundred and seventy-five" is incorrect, by the way. The "and" is used in English numeracy to denote a fraction, and in "Three hundred seventy five and a half." Spend a couple bucks on a copy editor next time.